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Oil Production


In the Northern part of Corfu, on the lower slopes of Mount Pantokratoras is situated our estate and farmhouse facing the southeastern orientation towards the Ionian Sea. Our olive grove produces a superior category olive oil.

The name “El ⨁ Aeon” was chosen not only because it is the greek word for olive grove, but also because it refers to the ancient greek word “El” meaning sun (light) and “Aeon” century (great age). Our grove combines both, growing on a mountainous rocky slope fully exposed to the sunlight, and the age of the perennial age of the trees which goes many centuries back. Both components create the conditions, amongst others, for the high content of phenols in the oil.
The crop is harvested directly from the trees of the particular variety “Lianolia of Corfu” of this single estate.
Early collection of the green fruit and minimized storage time of the harvested crop under best conditions guarantee the freshness of the product and low acidity levels which is expected from extra virgin oil.
The immediate cold first pressing at the organic certified facilities of the Holy Monastery o Pantokrator Camarela Corfu gives the oil it’s characteristic rich fruity and lightly pungent flavor as it is tested and certified by the sensory evaluation of a physico-chemical laboratory recognized by the International Olive Council.
Based on the results of olive oil analysis by the laboratory of the Department of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry of the Univ. of Athens the specific olive oil was found to meet the specifications of the EFSA - EU regulation 432/2012 concerning the health claim on olive oil polyphenols and is certified for this.
We hold to the philosophy that only healthy trees grown in natural ways with respect to organic farming, cultivated by natural methods in a balanced friendly environment will offer the exceptional nutritional product rich in beneficial qualities expected from olive oil of superior quality.